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Darlene Rothman InteriorCoach Interior Designer Detroit Michigan

Darlene Rothman

Darlene Rothman is the Interior Design Coach you’ve been looking for! As an Interior Designer for over 25 years, she listens to what’s important to you and helps you create those special rooms.  She’s worked at Gorman’s and the Michigan Design Center. Her coaching concept is to help guide you toward creating a space you’re excited to come home to and that reflects your personality. Think of her as the one person you can turn to when it comes to making decisions about your home design decisions. She’s your coach who won’t try to sell you a chair, couch or any other item. She starts where you’re at and you take the interior design journey together.

  • Darlene Rothman, Owner & Professional Interior Designer
  • 25+ years experience creating and transforming interiors 

No products to sell! The design coach makes suggestions and guides you toward the look and feel of the home you’ve always imagined. Call or email the InteriorCoach today.

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